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Daufuskie Island Real Estate - Lowcountry, SC

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Daufuskie Island Real Estate - Lowcountry, SC
Daufuskie Island Real Estate - Lowcountry, SC
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Daufuskie Island, SC

Daufuskie Island, just south of Hilton Head, is the southernmost tip of South Carolina and every person’s dream of a private, tropical island. The only way to get there is by boat – your own, or by small ferry or water taxi from Hilton Head. Five miles long and two and one-half miles wild, Daufuskie is untouched by urban development, yet able to provide residents such civilized requirements as fire protection, grocery delivery and great dining out. Cars are few and relegated to specific driving areas. Golf carts, bicycles and walking are the preferred ways to get about.

Daufuskie was primarily a Gullah island until recently. The people had little contact with the outside world for a hundred years after the Civil War. Author Pat Conroy taught school there as a young man, an experience that led to the start of his writing career. Now, in addition to the historic neighborhood, there are three new communities with homes, condominiums and resort living plus golf, tennis, horseback riding, and all kinds of boating and fishing.

Three golf courses on Daufuskie offer 63 holes of play. Modern tennis courts are lighted for night games. Swimming pools are specialized for different ages and some are heated for winter use. There’s an eight-suite Bed and Breakfast and a state-of-the art spa. The permanent population numbers only a couple of hundred lucky people.

Surrounded by water with no bridge in sight, Daufuskie is an ultimate island getaway.
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